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No Internet Access on Charter Spectrum with School iPads / Change DNS Settings on iPads
Last Updated 11 months ago

UPDATE April 23rd, 2020: Securly has resolved an issue with Securly's DNS which was causing delayed responses. Charter's DNS servers were sensitive to this delay an would ban Securly's DNS servers because of it. Charter confirmed to Securly that the bans should no longer be a problem.

March 2020: We're experiencing issues with iPads not being able to access the internet appropriately while being filtered by Securly and using Charter's Domain Name Services. This issue does not appear while on connected to the school wifi. The quick fix is to adjust the DNS settings on the device.

Quick Solution:

Open the Settings App.


Goto Wi-Fi and tap the information icon on the currently connected Wi-Fi network.


Tap on "Configure DNS".


Select "Manual". Remove existing DNS Servers. Add "" and "". These DNS Servers are Google's Public DNS Servers.


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