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Apple Classroom 2020
Last Updated 7 months ago

Apple Classroom has been updated by Apple in 2020, bringing along with it a few changes for teachers. 

1. You can no longer create classes manually like you have in the past. 

2. You and your students must be signed into your school Apple ID for it to work. 

For Apple Classroom to work properly this year you will need to check 3 things.

1. Update your Apple Classroom app. Go to Self Service and press the reinstall button on Apple Classroom to ensure you have the most up to date version.

2. Ask you students to make sure their iPad is up to date and make sure your iPad is up to date by going to settings and checking for updates. 

3. Make sure both you and your students are signed into your School of the Osage Apple IDs. 

If you have done these three steps, your classes will be automatically set up for you and you will not need to do the work of setting up the classes. 

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